We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.
We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.


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Current Series

Featured  Series

We are going through the book of Revelation through the lense of worship. If we are like those who encountered the Glory of the Living God we too will be Facedown!

Take the time to listen to "Facedown," Worship in Revelation!

"Everything is sacred" Revelation 22 7-31-2016

In eternity everything is sacred, there is no secular. Listen how we can bring all of life into the sacred. Our identity in eternity is life of worship, let that start today. It is not about what we do, it is why we do it. 

"Brand New" Revelation 21 7-17-2016


Our eternal home is not renovated, it's Brand New! Our imagination can't capture it, we have never seen or sensed anything like it before so we live in expectation. Listen to the two things that will be Brand New in our eternal home. 

"Naughty or Nice" 7-10-2016- Pastor Kris Mays


Will your name be on the nice or naughty list? Truthfully at the end of your life will your name be in the Lamb's book of life? If not, do you know what happens? Listen to the words from Revelation 20. 

"Decision Determins Destiny" 6-26-2016 


"Decision Determines Destiny! We we decide to worship determines our destiny. Worship is not an occasion, it is our condition!" In Revelation 19 see what the destiny is of those who choose to worship something other than God. What is your destiny?


"A Church ready for You" 6-5-2016 


Do you know how much preparation goes into planning a wedding? In Revelation 19 it says the "the bride is prepared." Who is the bride? Who is the Church? Are you ready and prepared for Jesus to come back? After listening we hope you can proclaim, "We'll be a church ready for you!"


"Sweet Sound of Victory" 5-29-2016 


There is nothing like the "Sweet Sound of Victory." Do you believe today you live a victorious life? Are you an overcomer? We see in Revelation 15 the song of victory. May as we walk here on earth worship in victory. Hear how you can be victorious today! 


**Below is a video that was shown 5-6 minutes into the sermon. 


"Misson over Model" 5-22-2016 -Pastor Kris Mays


As a church are we married to our model or are living in the misson Jesus has given His church? The church is God's vessel to reach the lost, display His power, and host His presence. Is there anything in all of our efforts as a church that God might say, "That's not my doing," and therby say, "Away from Me, I never knew you!" 



"The Song of Silence" 5-15-2016


In our culture we are terrible at being silent! Revelation 8:1says "When the Lamb broke the seventh seal on the scroll, there was SILENCE throughout heaven for about half an hour." The response of SILENCE is in view of a God who is a Holy Judge! What does your life of silence look like? Is it a response you freely give?


"Silence may be the greatest song we sing."



"Diversity is the Destiny" 5-1-2016


As we continue in Revelation we see that "Diversity is the Destiny of the Church!" The Church needs to be the champion of racial reconciliation. In Revelation 7 all nations, tribes, and tongues are around the throne of God! Our churches need to be a heavenly reflection for the world to see. Take a listen

"Jesus, the Scroll, & Worship" Revelation 5 4-10-2016


As John sees the next scene in heaven play out we see Jesus, the Scroll, and Worship. The worship in Revelation 5 is triggerd because of Jesus. It's all about Jesus!

"Heaven to Earth" Revelation 4 4-3-2016


Do you believe that we can experience heaven on earth? Jesus teaches us to pray, "thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven." Revelation 4 gives much insight on the proper way to worship and in doing so we can see heaven on earth.

"FACEDOWN" 4-3-2016


In Revelation we see John FACEDOWN before Jesus. We take a look at many other examples of people who fell FACEDOWN before the presence of the Lord. How familiar are you with being FACEDOWN?

"The Glory of Jesus" 3-13-2016

John see's the Glory of Jesus in all His Splendor! What is God's Glory? What is the Glory of Jesus? This is a detaled description of His Glory and ulitmately the response of John! 


"Worships causes God reveal and manifest His Glory and Presence."

"Intro to Revelation" 3-6-2016


Who wrote the book of Revelation? How did this man get it? What does worship have to do with it? As we set the stage for our series, take the time to listen!

Featured Series

Our series Worship Foundations was an important series because it led right into our current series in Revelation! Please take the time to listen to these as it sets the stage for our life, the church, and the book Revelation!

"The Exchange" 1-17-2016


What is worship? Do all people worship? What happens when people exchange their  worship of God for something else? All of these questions and more are answered in this introduction to Worship Foundations. A proper foundation for worship will change your life. This is the foundation we are setting at Rome Alliance 

"The Tabernacle," Part 1 1-24-2016


As we begin to build a proper foundation for what worship is the OT model of worship is crucial. The tabernacle given to Moses was significant because it displayed the process of how God required man to approach Him. The process to God's manifest presence is still the same today!

"The Tabernacle," Part 2 1-31-2016


As we enter into the Holy Place there are three objects we look at that are essential to enter into true worship and manifest presence of God. Listen in to the life changing applications that will forever change how you worship God here on earth. 

"The Tabernacle," Part 3 2-7-2016


We now enter the Holy of Holies! Our worship leader Kris has a special song during the message that will tune your heart for he most Holy place.  Hear how the most Holy place plays into the life of the believer for today. 

"Psalm 99- Worship,"  2-14-2016

As we transition from the tabernacle we look to the Psalms. Psalm 99 really challenges the Church to worship and how to do it. Do we lift our hands? Do we use our bodies to demonstrate how great God is? Find out here. 

"Worship Now,"  2-21-2016


In closing our series we focus on 7 important ideas that are important for the Church today as we worship God in 2016!

Featured Sermons

"Church Conflict" 8-29-2015


This passage in James is one of the most important messages for today's church! Have you ever been involved in any church conflict? Have you even felt bitter, angry, or hurt by a fellow believer? If so, take a listen on how to respond Godly.

"Redemptive Pain" 4-5-2015 (Easter Sunday)


Pain is something we usually avoid. On this Easter celebration we see how Jesus rising from the grave redeems our pain as well! Do you hurt? Do you struggle? Do you need hope? Take a listen!

"Soul Care" 10-19-14


Is it well with your soul? Pastor Bryce maps out 3 things that Jesus did to take care of his soul! This is practical and attainable! Just take the time to listen.

"Jonah Intro" 1-25-2015


Who really was Jonah? Was Nineveh really that bad? Do you know where Jonah was actually going? Listen in as this is unpacked in greater depth that you have heard before. 

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