Our Purpose:

Why does our church exist?


 "RAC exists to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the Gospel."



 Our Process:

How will we fulfill our purpose?



TEACH– Learning 1-on-1 and in Community

REACH– Each 1 Reach 1 Through Relationships– Reaching 1% of our Community

SEND– Giving, Going, and Growing



Our Product:

What a Christ-like disciple looks like at Rome Alliance Church:



UP: Relationship with God

· Worship– Everything and every aspect of our lives point to Jesus

· Word– Using God’s Word to navigate life, defend our faith, and live holy lives

· Prayer– Seeking God to grow deeper and experience His kingdom through a life of prayer


IN: Relationship with Believers

· Discipleship–  Follow Jesus together through individual discipling relationships

· Love– Serving one another using our gifts, talents, and abilities


OUT: Relationship with the World

· Share– Know your story tell your story

· Participate– Being involved with local outreach and global missions

Listen to the WHY...


You are invited to share in hope, healing, and love

Our Process: Teach-Reach-Send

Participation- Local Outreach and Global Missions

Share- Know your Story, Tell your Story

Love- Serving ONE ANOTHER

Discipleship- Following Jesus Together 

Prayer- Seeking God  

Worship- Everything points to Jesus 

Word- Using God's Word to navigate life, defend our faith, and live holy lives!

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