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Rome Alliance Church exists to make disciples who LIVE in the Relational Rhythms of UP, IN, and OUT!



-The UP is the most vital part of being a Christian. Our UP is our relationship with God. The only way to have a relationship with the Father is through Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

-To grow in our UP we must be pursuing God through prayer, confessing sin, reading and meditating on the Word, solitude, fasting, being actively involved with the Church (ie: Sunday Morning Worship), being filled by the Holy Spirit, living out His commands, etc…



-The world will know you’re His disciple by how well you love your Christian brother or sister. Our IN is our relationship with the Church.

-To grow IN as a disciple one must be spending time with and discipling other believers. A major question you can ask yourself at any time is, “Who am I discipling?” As you grow IN you will look for ways to pray for, love, serve and live life with other believers. Living IN means with love the local church and we look to partner with Jesus to build it. One of the greatest ways we show the world we love each other as believers is how we resolve conflict with one another.



-Our OUT is our relationship with the world. Does your heart ache for lost people? When was the last time you shared the Gospel? How well are you serving the world around you? When was the last time you prayed for an unbeliever or walked your city praying for lost people? Do you intentionally hang out with people so they will know who Jesus is? Our mission as disciples is to bring the Gospel to all people and make disciples of all nations.



We live our UP, IN, and OUT through Relational Rhythms.


We accomplish living UP, IN, and OUT effectively by rhythms. Rhythms? Yes, recurring motions in our lives of living UP, living IN, and living OUT. Over the course of our days, weeks, and months every devoted disciple should be living life with these recurring motions; our relationship with God, our relationship with the Church, and our relationship with the World.  


When we live UP, IN, and OUT it is all about relationships. All three of these are relational, Jesus is our prime example of relationship especially with the Father. As we live in these rhythms, they must all be about building relationships. If what we are doing as Christians doesn’t focus on true relationship, then we are missing the very heart of the gospel. At Rome Alliance Church we exist to live in the relational rhythms of UP, IN, and OUT. 




920 Turin St

Rome, NY 13440



Sunday Service: 9:30am

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