We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.
We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.

In the month of February we take a deep look into our souls. Will you journey with us?

Sermon Notes
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Ninety percent of an iceberg is below the surface. An iceberg is represents our soul. We usually only look and pay attention to the ten percent of our life that we can see. However the ten percent is affected by the ninety percent (our soul). As we look at the story of Moses we begin the journey of knowing the shape of our own soul. What has shaped your soul? What is shaping your soul? Let's begin this journey together!

Sermon Notes
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Have you ever tried to gain something just to find out you actually lost more than when you started? When we choose a worldly fix for our hurting souls we ending up losing more of our soul. Listen in to how we fix our broken, hurting and abused souls.

One of the hardest things to do in life is face our own soul. As we journey through King David's story we see what he went through and how hard it was for him to face his soul. There are six things we learn from his story that we need to do as we face our soul.

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Wherever God's presence goes it is sacred and holy. As believers we are called to bring God's presence into everything that we do. However, many times we have a divided soul because we only allow God into certain areas of our life.

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