Walking in Wisdom -Proverbs

In this series we studied the difference between one who is wise and one who is foolish. As Christians we are called to Walk in Wisdom, listen in to the different areas in life that proverbs addresses! The godly Walk in Wisdom, the wicked walk in foolishness. 

"Cost of Wisdom" 10-11-2015


How hard is it to attain wisdom? According to Proverbs there is a cost to get it. However, the benefit outweights the cost! How far would you go to attain wisdom? 


"God of Hate, part 1" 10-18-2015


Is God one of hate? Come Walk in Wisdom as we take a look at what true hate really is for the believer. In society today the believer must have wisdom on the hate of God!

 "God of Hate, part 2" 10-25-2015


Listen as we continue to dive into the 6 things that God hates, and the 7th that is an abomination. Is God really one of hate?

"Balance- Alcohol and Gluttony" 11-22-2015


What does Proverbs have to say on drinking alcohol? What does it have to say on eating food? These are unspoken topics many times in the church not talked about in church. What does the Bible really say about these things? Listen in

"Giving Our Best" 11-29-2015


What does it mean to give God your best? For the last two week of our series we begin to look at what it means to give our best to God especially when it comes to tithing or giving our money. We start in the OT and work our way to the new convenant. Take a listen. 

"Giving Our Best, Part 2" 12-6-2015


What does the New Testament require a believer should give? As we briefly recap the last week's idea we present what it means to give of our money. Paul gives the believers in Corinth some practical advice.

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