Power of Possessions

In this 5 week series we look at the Power that Possessions can have over us. We take a biblical look at what the Bible has to say about using our possesions and the fundamental question we ask is; does your possessions have power over you or do you use your possesions to power the Kingdom? 

10-2-2016 "A Shrewd Strategy" 


As we kickoff our series we see that Jesus calls us to have a strategy to impact the Kingdom. What if we told you people will be in heaven by the way you use your possesions? Would that make you use your possesions differently? Listen in as we take a look at Luke 16:1-15 and how Jesus tells us to become shrewd and to build a shrewd strategy to impact the Kingdom!

10-9-2016 "You Get what you Give"


Do you like to make decisions? There is an important decision each person needs to make. They must decide how much money they will give to God. Some people don't like make decisions because they are afraid how it will turn out. However, with God, you Get what you Give!

10-16-2016 "Time and Opportunity"


Time is a possession we all have! In this sermon we build a foundation for a Biblical view of time. Rather than living by time God wants us to live by Opportunity! What opportunites do you have? 

10-23-2016 "Evaluating our Time"

We look at 6 reasons why we spend our time wrong. Take the time to evalute to see if you can resonate with any of these. 

10-30-2016 "Redeeming the Kairos"

How do we redeem the opportunites God gives us? Listen to the way we can redeem opportunites (Kairos). As a steward we are called to redeem our time!

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