We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.
We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.

Identity- The Book of Ephesians

What if we truly lived out what the Bible said about who we are as Christians?

What would life be like if we found our identity solely based on what God's word says about us? What if the Bible defined who were are? Join us as we find our "Identity" in our series in the book of Ephesians.

 Many times our identity is man-centered! What are the things that make up your identity? As Christian we are called to have a God-Centered Identity. Today we share 6 powerful statements from Ephesians that make up your God-Centered Identity. 

Do you struggle to pray? Listen to the three things Paul prays for the church at Ephesus that will help us in our life of prayer. These three things all center around God. Paul teaches us to have a God-Centered prayer life!

Have you ever heard the phrase, "It's a matter of life or death?" Well...we have a spiritual condition that is a matter of life or death. Once we were dead and now we are alive by the God's grace. It is by grace we have been saved. Is this this your story?

Jew and Gentiles lived in great hostility with one another. Paul lays out their identity as believers that the two now become on in Christ through His death on the cross.

Today we still live in a time of hostility! Jesus' death is what unites us and is greater than anything that divides others. When you see others do you see them in Christ and His death?

Let us be a people that break through the walls of hostility!

Do you like a good mystery? This mystery we share only can be given by God. The Church is the one who display's this mystery to the seen and unseen world. This is the identity of the Church!

Is your church living in unity? As a multi-generational church there are three things we can do to build unity. May the local church ONE in Body and Spirit!

Pastor Rich Smith brings our next sermon in our series. Our new identity in Christ has made us "Children of Light." Let us not walk back into the burdens and bondage of the old self, let us live in the light!

Want to see where your relationship with Jesus is? Look at your family! What does your marriage look like? What is your relationship like with your children? Children are you obeying and honoring your parents?

Listen in as we discuss Spirit-Filled Families, what they look like and how we live them out!

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