A 16 week series on what it means to be and make disciples. We take a look how the master (Jesus) made disciples. As we begin the journey we look to Jesus' model of disciple making as well. This series will be taking us through 15 different sections in the book of Luke where Jesus addresses His disciples and teaches them what to be like in God's kingdom.


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Sermon Notes
Here are notes to follow along with sermon. Discussion starters at the end as you begin your disciple making journey.
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Discipleship Characteristic #1 Teachability- Obeying Anyhow 

For one to follow Jesus they must be teachable, the word disciple literally means learner. Your teachability will determine how well you follow Jesus. Disciples of Jesus Christ must be readily teachable, even to the point of obeying seemingly absurd commands that violate natural inclinations and cold logic. Are you ready to follow HIM?

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Citizenship in the kingdom of God must be seen as an entirely new and unique life calling, not as something to be added to the old life. Welcoming newness is a continual call to a disciple. As we look at becoming disciples flexibility is a key kingdom value that we must posses.

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Do you rejoice when adversity comes? Disciples of Jesus must willingly accept and live by an economic, social, and moral value system that is contrary to the world’s and to natural human inclinations. Disciples also must think of Jesus and others as greater than themselves. Humility is essential for all of these to take place. Are you humble enough to follow Jesus?

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Rather than focusing on the failures and inadequacies of others, disciples of Christ periodically engage in self-evaluation to assess their own spiritual status. Rather than throwing stones we are called to be honest with our own spiritual condition. Are you a stone thrower? Listen to how we can be people of integrity and live the way Christ has intended for His disciples.

Disciples must put the cause of the kingdom in priority over their own happiness, convenience, comfort, and even their own existence. Are you willing to exchange your life for the life Christ has for you? Do you believe that Christ has the best life planned for you? We find our lives when we lose our lives!

Discipleship demands singleness of purpose, or focus, demonstrated by extreme urgency for advancing God’s kingdom. Jesus was intense! Are you intense enough for Christ's Kingdom? Listen in to examin your life to see if you are fit to be Christ's disciple.

The mission of the kingdom of God is accomplished by demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel, when courageous disciples further that mission, they are the kingdom.

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