We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.
We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.

Colossians- It's All About Jesus

"The book of Colossians is more than just words on a page, may its story be our story; It's all about Jesus."

 1-22-2017 "Intro to Colossians"  -Pastor Bryce


Listen to the STORY that is often never told on the book of Colossians. Listen how the gospel travled to Colossae and a church was birthed! "Colossians is more than just words on a page, may its story be our story; It's all about Jesus!"

 1-29-2017 " Reputation at Colossae"  -Pastor Bryce


If you were going to invite someone to church what would you tell them about your church? What story would you tell them? Would it be about your stuff or is there something deeper?


The church at Colossae was known for their faith, hope, and love because of the gospel. Is this our church's story? We must look beyond our "stuff" to see,

2-5-2017 "Prayerful Intentions" -Kris Mays


Paul prays an intentional prayer for the church at Colossae. Rather than just sending them prayer "emoji" hands he prays a couple specific things for the church. In view of this how should we pray for the church and others? 

2-13-2017 "Knowing Jesus" -Pastor Bryce


Do you know Jesus? Do you know His realtion to God, creation, and the Church? If we truly know Jesus then our lives are changed and transformed. Listen to hear who Jesus truly is. 

2-26-2017 "Christ IN YOU" -Pastor Bryce


The mystery of the gospel is that Christ Lives IN YOU! Christ lives in you so you can impact others and this is worth rejoicing in even if it we suffer for it.  

3-12-2017 "Believer Beware" -Pastor Bryce


Believer Beware- don't be taken captive! Has tradition kept you captive? Listen to the four areas Paul addresses to the church at Colossae that he was warning them not to take them captive. 

3-19-2017 "Set Your Sights" -Kris Mays


Where are your sights set? Are they on the things of heaven or the things of earth? It takes much work to keep our sights focused on Jesus every day.

3-26-2017 "Identity- Prepare to Die" -Pastor Bryce


Who am I? Why do I exist? Why do I do the things I do? Paul tells the church at Coloasse to slay 3 areas in their lives they are dealing with sin. Church this is not our identity so it must die. Be encouraged, this not you!

4-2-2017 "Christian Apparel" -Pastor Bryce


How should a Christian dress? What we wear tells others about we are! Who are you? Well just see how you are dressed. Listen to what Paul tells the church to wear so they can be indentified as Christians.

4-9-2017 "Christian Relationships- A New Idea" -Rich Smith


Paul gives the church instructions on Christian Relationships. Hear Paul share how we are to submit to one another. Submission is not a bad word, hear it in a new way. 

4-30-2017 "Prepared for Opportunity" -Pastor Bryce


Paul wants the church in Colossae to make the most of the opportunties God gives to share the mystery of the Gospel. To make the most of opportunity we must be prepared. Listen to the strategy Paul gives to be prepared for these opportunities. 

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