We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.
We exist to Glorify God, follow Jesus and invite others to share in the hope, healing, and love of the gospel.

In 2018 we have 7 areas that we are focusing on in prayer. We want to grow in prayer and we want to see God do the impossible! Below are our 7 goals for this year!


1. Salvation and Baptisms

We are asking God that in our church this year at least 3 adults and 4 youth (18 and under) will receive salvation. In turn we will see at least 8 individuals get baptized. Let’s be fervent in prayer for God to save the souls of people who are in our midst and for those who will walk through the waters of baptism.

2. Celebrated Opportunities

Let’s pray for the opportunities to share the Gospel. Every opportunity is to be celebrated! Not every opportunity will be a success but we will celebrate regardless. Pray for boldness, courage, and strength to share when opportunities present themselves to share Jesus.

3. Celebrated Transformations

In Christ we are always being transformed. Let us first pray that our own personal lives are continually transformed. Let us then pray that the people’s lives around us are transformed. We are going to take time to celebrate these in 2016.

4. Finances

Let’s pray that our abundant joy through Christ leads us to becoming abundant givers. Pray specifically that people would give so that we would meet our 2016 budget of $146,897. Pray that we continue to take steps of faith to go where God is calling us.

5. Restored Relationships

The Gospel is a message of forgiveness, healing, and restoration. Let’s pray for restored relationships in our own lives and with people with whom we do not have restoration. Let us pray for lives of others in our midst who have broken relationships. Let’s pray for the courage to forgive and to love others like Jesus.

6. Growth

Our goal is that each individual ministry grows by 10% and the church body grow by 20% in 2016. Not everyone who attends a church ministry is going to identify themselves with our church body. Let us pray that we see our numbers increase so we may reach more for Christ.

7. Watering the World

Let us pray that we would be an Acts 1:8 (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, to the ends of the earth) church. Pray that we would be mission minded right in our own back yard as well as support missions around the world by praying, giving, and going! Let us pray that we will give 10% more to the GCF in 2016. Use this an opportunity to pray for our city to the ends of the world. 

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